Artistic Director at PAA (Public Artistic Affairs) - Berlin

Since the fall of 2013 he is Artistic Planner and Curator for
ITAK - Regional Dance Center of Easter Finland,
based in Kuopio, Finland

Co-director and curator for KUNST-STOFF Productions that focuses on international collaborations and co-productions.

Tomi Paasonen is a choreographer, director and multimedia artist, based in Berlin and born in Helsinki, Finland. He shares his time organizing the contemporary dance infrastructure in eastern Finland, creating his stage productions internationally through PAA (Public Artistic Affairs) in Berlin and producing international collaborations through KUNST-STOFF Productions

Tomi Paasonen bridges experimentalism and classicism, staged documentaries with conceptual thinking, device methods with technical awareness. He has made visual concepts, costumes and sets for productions, directed opera and creates his pieces with dancers, singers, actors and laymen. A particular passion towards the minority aspect has led him to create several community based productions with people with disabilities, prisoners, sexual minorities and people off the street.

Tomi has been awarded with the critic's awards in San Francisco by Allan Ulrich, "Theatre Event of the Year 2000" in Finland for his piece Olotila - State of Being and "Pro Dance Award" in Finland for innovations in the field of dance. KUNST-STOFF has been awarded with the Bay Guardian Goldie Award - Company of the Year in San Francisco and his piece "W" was nominated for the Isadora Duncan Award for best piece of 2004 in San Francisco. Critics Choice "Collaboration of the Year 2007" by Arnd Wesemann / Ballett/Tanz for the piece "Interface". His piece "Monogram" won 2nd price at the International Solo Dance Festival in Stuttgart in 2009. His work has been performed in throughout Europe, in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, São Paulo, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

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These four short solos are the first Tomi Paasonen has choreographed for himself, since his time in ballet school in the 1980ies. Proposed by the Finnish video artist Elina Brotherus, each solo focuses on one of his tattoos, 3 dedicated to a beloved, the 4th one in memory of the accident that ended his dance career in 1997. The video was shot in Helsinki in May 2012 and will result in a video piece for galleries and dance video festivals. Projected premiere is fall of 2013.

4 Goethe Institute's Kultourbus - Brasil

Goethe Institut Kultourbus takes Mr Paasonen on a 4 week tour through Sao Paulo, Vinhedo, Belo Horizonte and Vitória to hold dance and performance workshops in public spaces with local artists and laymen. This production is a highlight of Goethe Institute's celebration of German-Brasilian cultural exchange.

GIGA Hz / 15th Anniversary Season of KUNST-STOFF

Premiering 8th - 10th of November 2013 at ODC Theatre in San Francisco, we celebrate the 15th season of KUNST-STOFF, with a retrospective programme. With "Giga Hz", Tomi Paasonen will revisit material of his piece "Mega Hz", created for the opening season of KUNST-STOFF in 1998. This piece was a time capsule that was formed by the time when the city was waking up from the aftermath of the AIDS epidemic, the millennium fever was fueling people's imaginations for the future and the ".com boom" gold rush shook its wave of gentrification through the artists communities of San Francisco. The internet was heralded as the new tool of true democracy, bringing a new dawn for the next stage of evolution of mankind. A study by Berkeley University showed that 70& of successful sites on the internet were porn sites and the next virus epidemic arrived in San Francisco under the name "iloveyou.exe". 15 years later, what are the sociological repercussions of this technology today? How does the constant fragmented information flow effect our thinking and our bodies? What are the environmental realities behind the façade of a high tech society? A flashback into a spaceless presence.


This piece is a collaboration with sound artist Ilpo Väisänen (Pan Sonic / Angel). The piece will be constructed as a nature documentary about the modern man, his habits and habitat. The cast consists of four dancers and a collection of motorized taxidermy robots. The movements, aesthetics and soundscape will be rooted in the dancers every day life, using trash, bureaucracy, advertisements and animal parts to build each component. Planned to premiere in the spring of 2014.

The production is currently looking raising funds and building it's co-production infrastructure. Promotional PDF online:


This duet between, a biologist and a ballet dancer, explores the concept of hybridization of disparate elements. Scheduled to premiere in Ahrenshoop in the early spring of 2014, the choreography consists of blending ballet technique, pointe shoe work and its mannerisms deconstructed by contemporary improvisation techniques. Simultaneously a scientist will hold a lecture on the theme of hybridization from a scientific point of view. The content of the lecture is gradually deconstructed by a sound artist, by turning it into a live generated soundscape through loop techniques. Eventually the two elements blend into one another, as they change roles and become symbiotic to one another.


This production, still in it's planning stage, is a reconnection and confrontation with Tomi Paasonen's relationship with classical ballet. After not having touched ballet technique artistically in over a decade, Paasonen is currently looking for opportunities to workshop his ideas, to finally result in an independent production using the pointe shoe as the main source for generating movement. For both male and female dancers.


A choreographic piece for a vocal choir is in the planning with contemporary Finnish composer Perttu Haapanen. Rooted in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, the choir will be moving freely among an unseated audience, creating a moving body of voices that the audience is surrounded and moved by.